Calmer Networking

I started Calmer Networking in 2015 after getting a bit jaded with traditional networking and many of the practices that go on at more corporate events – an enforced elevator pitch, a regimented structure, forced introductions and referrals; a lot of it just left me cold! I wanted to create a different kind of networking event, where you could come along and relax as well as meeting other business owners. The venue is also very important to me – I want you to feel calm, relaxed and uplifted by the environment, not intimidated or left cold.

I’m so excited to be bringing Calmer Networking back in 2018! The venues will mainly be independent wellbeing centres and cafes in the North East which strongly believe in creating a relaxing environment for their customers. The session will last two hours – feel free to drop in when you want. If you want to introduce yourself and tell the other attendees about yourself and your business you can, but you’re not obliged too. You may just want to connect with a couple of people and leave some business cards or other information.

At the session you’ll find a variety of relaxation activities to you can try such as therapeutic writing activities, adult colouring-in, listening to guided meditation, joining in a group guided meditation, card reading (there’ll be tarot and oracle cards there for you to play with) and mini holistic treatments such as hand and arm massages.

I look forward to welcoming you to Calmer Networking in 2018!