I offer two different types of coaching – self-employment coaching for those leaving employment and entering self-employment and wellbeing coaching for whatever stage of self-employment you’re at. If you’re stressed or depressed it can become impossible to carry on running a business. My hope is that you recognise the signs of being out of balance before you get ill. Prevention is definitely better than cure (and doesn’t usually take as long).

Self-Employment Transition Coaching 

If you’re in the very early stages of planning your business, or you’ve already self-employed but you’re feeling overwhelmed I’m here to help. Over the past five years I have tried self-employment in many different forms – including part-time around a full-time job and making the leap completely. I’ve learned the hard way the do’s and don’ts of setting up a business. I want to use what I’ve learned to help your path into self-employment to be as smooth as possible.

You’ll probably want to quit many times and go back to the comfort of your 9-5 at some point. But deep down there’s part of you that instinctively knows that running a business is for you. It can take years to get it right and your business can go through many stages, but nobody tells you that at the beginning. I’m onto my third business and I’ve learned so much in a short space of time. I don’t want you to struggle needlessly and waste time like I did!

What does my coaching involve?

Your sessions are completely tailored to suit where you are currently. They involve a combination of different elements:

  • Mindset coaching to build a strong foundation
  • Marketing help and advice (I’m also a copywriter and social media manager)
  • Wellbeing techniques to make sure you don’t get overwhelmed by it all and stay in balance

Wellbeing Coaching 

You may have been self-employed for a while and you’ve become an expert at spinning lots of plates, but you struggle with staying in balance. Why wouldn’t you? Self-employment definitely isn’t the easiest path, but it can be one of the most rewarding. You probably know how to stay healthy but find it difficult to put it into practice. As a result you can end up putting your business first and your wellbeing falls to the bottom of the list of priorities. I’ve been there may times, but I’ve learned the hard way that things actually flow better when you put your health and wellbeing first.

I’m here to help you create a self-care strategy to stay in balance using a variety of techniques. This coaching involves a spiritual aspect. I firmly believe that we need a strong foundation for self-employment and learning about self-love and self-care is crucial. We’re not taught this in school and as a result it’s why we are in the middle of a global mental health epidemic. Sessions also include a relaxation and self-care ‘prescription’ to help you to incorporate techniques into your day.

I usually recommend weekly sessions which last one hour. Sessions are £50 (I also offer a reduced price dependant upon circumstances). Your initial session determines the future plan and is free of charge.

After receiving coaching from Debbie I can honestly say she is a fountain of knowledge. Debbie is a powerhouse of passion and an advocate for people claiming back their own power and doing what they love to do in life. She is very knowledgeable on the business side of things and technology, as well as spirituality and wellness.

Debbie can help you to find your own creativity and inner strength in order to feel great and empowered. Empower and create are the two words that spring to mind when I think of her work actually. I am really grateful to have met Debbie and to experience her coaching where she asks powerful questions and listens well. As a coach and a person she is genuinely invested in empowering you and helping you to tap into your fullest potential. She helped me with social media strategy, social media content and creating a plan to grow my business.

Thank you for the coaching and inspiration!

Angela Hancock

As an holistic therapist I adore my work but marketing fills me with dread, However that changed after meeting Debbie. She has a great passion and enthusiasm for marketing and business coaching that it’s impossible for me not to absorb this from her.

I explained to Debbie what I didn’t understand about marketing and from this she created a crystal-clear vision for my business. My whole attitude towards marketing, networking and business strategies has completely changes. No more Mrs Procrastination, hello Mrs Focussed!

If you’re struggling with making the break from the daily grind into self-employment or are looking for some rejuvenating and inspired business coaching then look no further! Contact Debbie – gain clarity, inspiration and watch your business soar!

Theresa Finnegan

Holistic Therapist, Crystal Cottage