Small Business Owner Day Retreats

Being self-employed is a bit like being on a rollercoaster. Busy one minute, quiet the next, the ‘feast and famine’ cycle can all get very draining. And you’re well aware that the buck stops with you too. As a result a lot of business owners risk burnout. Working long hours  and shouldering all of the responsibility can be a recipe for stress, anxiety and depression. I’m no stranger to that. As a small business owner and a qualified holistic therapist, I fully understand the stresses of self-employment. In the past I have set up health-related networking events which combined meeting new people and self-care activities. These went well, so I’ve created  Day Retreats specifically for self-employed people to take some time out to benefit both themselves and their business.

What happens on a Small Business Owner Day Retreat?

The retreats are an opportunity to take time out from your busy schedule and focus on your wellbeing. We start the retreat with some journalling and therapeutic writing, followed by a guided meditation to help you to get grounded and rebalance. Then after a lunch (either shared or provided by the venue) you’ll enjoy a twenty minute massage (Indian Head Massage or foot massage) followed by a ten card Energy reading for guidance as you move forwards. Finally there’s also the opportunity to create a vision board in the afternoon to help you to manifest what you’d like to happen in the coming months.

My aim is that you’ll leave feeling rejuvenated and rebalanced. You’ll feel ready to return to your business full of ideas and knowing about how to stay on top of your game.

In October 2017 I was lucky enough to get the day off to attend a Day Retreat for small business owners held by Debbie at Dilston Physic Garden. It was a very inspiring day but I’ve been so busy since then and have struggled to find time for me.

Today I put what I learned into practice. As a result I have started journalling and I found the time to look at my card reading which accurately described the events of the last four weeks! Finally I fully recommend taking the whole day off to attend – Debbie’s retreats are a great way to rebalance and feel better!

Paula Donaldson

Owner, Pulp Fiction Future Food

The Day Retreat came at a perfect time for me.  I’d had a difficult time dealing with family emergencies and felt completely out of balance (I’d lost my focus, couldn’t sleep and had no energy – I was functioning on empty).  As a result I needed to recharge and rebalance.

The venue, Cloud 9 has a lovely, comfortable atmosphere. The free writing exercise helped clear my mind and helped me to focus. I’ve done a couple of these since and it’s very beneficial. My card reading was very interesting and gave me a new perspective to consider.

The back massage helped with physical tension and the hearty vegetable soup was just what I needed – real comfort food. It was great to talk and think on a deeper level. As a result I feel respected, listened to and came away with positive things to talk about. Finally thank you so much Debbie for a great retreat!

Kate-Frankie Brennan

Travel Blogger, This Could Lead To Anywhere